EVERY Wednesday Evening

7 pm - 9 pm every WEDNESDAY

Anspachlaan 65, 1000 Brussel

Doors open at 6.45 pm and close at 7.15 pm

(please don't miss this time frame)

Find the entrance left of Delhaize (look for the 'Cantine' sign above the door)

Music begins at 6.45 pm. Come early to warm up!

Our dance floor is located in the heart of Brussels, easily accessible by public transportation (train station 'Centraal Station', metro station 'De Beurs'). 

Meet new friends on the dance floor and explore the city life together after the dance! 


Sunday Morning Dances 


11am - 1pm most Sundays (see calendar below) 

Schaarbeeklei 638, 1800 Vilvoorde 


Doors open at 10.45 am and close at 11.15 am

(please don't miss this time frame)

Find the entrance on the Louis Brentastraat. The double white door on the right of Cantine's entrance is where it is happening! 

Music begins at 10.45 am. Come early to warm up!

The industrial zone of Buda is the perfect location for a Sunday dance. Park your car in front of the venue and we'll crack open the music. For public transportation, the bus is the better option (

For the dates, look on the calendar below: 


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