Sunday evenings are meant to dance together!  


Fancy dance moves are allowed, yet by far not required.

There are no 'rights' or 'wrongs' on this dance floor.

Surrender yourself to the music and dance how you feel, alone or with others.


Some short guided meditation exercises make your dance experience more profound.

 The rest of the dance is completely up to you.

Get creative and do 'your thing' on the dance floor.


About the dance

Always be kind and respectful towards the other dancers.

Help us create a safe, judgemental-free space

No talking on the dance floor.

Without specific permission no filming of others is allowed.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring your own water bottle.

Shoes are optional on the dance floor. 

Sessions will be facilitated in English, Dutch or French, 

depending on the needs of the group. You are invited to speak up so we know your needs!


Of course, this is only a snippet of what ecstatic dance is.

Books have been written about its effects to the mind, body and soul.

It is also known to stimulate connection and the feeling of belonging in a non-verbal environment. 

There is a big overlap with conscious dance. Being both an ecstatic dance facilitator and Open Floor conscious dance teacher, I see conscious dance as being more mindful and gentle on the body. More like yoga for dancers...  Use your breath to let the energy flow, explore the music with your body and get creative. Awareness of body parts and breathing deepens the dance experience. 


Check out the video below to see what I mean...