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Line Van Assche
Line is an ecstatic dance dj and conscious dance dj, always ready to set the dance floor on fire. She founded Sunday Dance Brussels in 2017. 
For as long as she can remember, Line has always loved dancing. She is always the first one to set foot on the dance floor... and often one of the last ones to leave. Dancing and music make her feel alive. 
In 2012 Line fell in love with conscious dance. It kept her sane and grounded during a challenging time in her life. 
In 2015 Line followed her heart and signed up for the Open Floor teacher training. She has been teaching Open Floor in both the USA and Belgium since 2017.
As an Open Floor teacher Line guides dancers to a more embodied life style. She aims to provide a safe space for all and teaches how to implement body awareness through conscious movement. Line teaches Open Floor curriculum mainly in workshops but also introduces bits of knowledge and wisdom in her bi-weekly ecstatic Sunday Dance sessions. 

Line is an Ecstatic Dance DJ, trained by 'Shaman of Dance': Kareem Raïhani. He taught her dj-tricks and how to craft soundscapes. Having danced on lots of ecstatic & conscious dance floors all over the world, Line tries to bring the best of her experiences back to her Sunday Dances. 

With a background in architecture, urban design, and musical theater, Line loves to includes other creative processes on the dance floor - writing, singing, painting, drawing, land art,... Her 'Art in Motion' workshops use the Open Floor curriculum. 

Together with bestie Inge Goossens, Line has developed a series of workshops;  'Drawing is Movement' and more recently 'Move Your Body', and 'The unknown Depth of Fantasy' in which we side-pass your inner critic during the creation process whilst using conscious movement. The results are not important, the process you go through as an artist is. 


During her search for more embodied life style Line also trained to become a yoga teacher. She followed a 200h YTT training at Sukha Yoga in Austin, Texas and teaches yoga and mindfulness to most of her friends. 

Wherever she goes, Line tries to bring some lightness and joy to the occasion. She likes to focus on the connection with others, the inner-self and the body through playfulness and mindfulness. 



Sunday Dance Brussels is organised by Easy Tiger Studio. 

BE 0806-680-209

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