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Pink Sand


We drop it!

The beats. The to-do lists. The judgments.

Our minds into our bodies. Our bodies to the dance floor.


SUNDAY DANCE is ​freestyle dancing with a touch of mind-body awareness

How to squeeze in a sweaty workout session and a fun dance party at the same time?​

Can you lose control when you hear the sound of sweet music?

Are you young at heart and like to party before midnight?

This dance floor is your place to shine! 

Fancy dance moves are allowed, yet by far not required.

There are no 'rights' or 'wrongs' on this dancefloor.

Surrender yourself to the music and dance how you feel, alone or with others.

All moves and bodies are welcome.

Make it ugly, make it smooth. We’re not here for the show, we’re here to live our best lives.

Full permission to get creative and do ‘yo thang’ on the dancefloor! 

No prior experience necessary.

Show up & we shake it from there!


A short, guided meditation exercises make your dance experience more profound.

 The rest of the dance is completely up to you.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring your own water bottle.

Sunday Dance has been around since 2017. Since then, more and more people have found their way to our dance floor and we have created a beautiful, international community that supports each other thorough highs and lows, thick and thin. Sessions are guided in English but we can translate to Dutch on the spot. Don't be shy and express your needs! 


  • beats that make you move & sweat 

  • 2 hours of a workout that lifts your spirit and trains you heart

  • an experience that lands you in your body like no other

  • dancing before midnight turns us into pumpkins

  • We live by mutual consent and respect. This is an all-inclusive safe dance space. Everyone is welcome.

  • No judgement, no drugs, no camera's  

  • Chit-chat is for later

  • We dance - whenever possible - bare foot

Help us create a safe space for all. If you notice that these principles are not followed, please speak up. 

Learn more about conscious and ecstatic dance


We dance twice a month in our charming dance studio in Vilvoorde (Brussels BUDA)

On SUNDAY  7.30 PM - 9.30 PM

(check the dates here)

 Buy your tickets online!

20 euro standard ticket

10x 10 euro discounted tickets online

(please leave these tickets for dancers in need)

Become part of the crew and dance for free. Get in touch for details.

The doors open 15 minutes before & close 15 minutes after the start of the session.

Please don’t miss this time frame. We lock the doors for security purposes and like the crew to dance with us.

Sessions are usually offered in English

if you need Dutch or French translation - don't be shy and ask!


Louis Brentastraat 1, 1800 Vilvoorde 

Entrance is in between Cantine and Ecoworks, through the white double doors

Some GPS prefer: Schaarbeeklei 638, 1800 Vilvoorde

Free parking is available in front of the venue. 

Your bike can be stored inside the building. 

Public transportation: train station Brussels Buda or De Lijn bus nr. 58.

You are encouraged to ask others to car pool in our FB group.

click here for the DATES

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