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I dj

I dance

I love people

I offer a dance experience

that most of you have never had before. 

I shake you up, turn you inside out,

and put you back together.

With my music.

I hold you lovingly.

With my music. 

You'll leave the dance floor feeling anew, grateful for life and its challenges, content with the one-and-only juicy body you were given.


"DJ Line BXL is on a mission to spice up the world, one dancefloor at a time. She brings delicious beats that will rock you to the core. She takes you for a deep dive into the music and gently lets you bubble back up to the surface."

Favourite genres:

AfroBeats | Grunge Techno | Organic House | World Music | Tribal Electro | DnB | Percussion | Soul | Jazz | Reggae | ...

listen to my sets on soundcloud


2016 - certified 200YTT yoga teacher from Sukha Yoga

(Austin Texas USA) 

2017 - certified conscious dance teacher in Open Floor (USA)

2020 - trained ecstatic dj by Kareem Raihani (NL)

2022-2023 - a year of mentorship by conscious dj by Tasha Blank + the Powerhouse DJ School (USA)

Overheard on the dance floor

"I call it day clubbing!"

Featured by Canal+ 

Review by Ecstatic Dance Brussels: 

"Sunday Dance resident dj Line is gloriously known for lighting up your dancing booty! 

Music and dancing have always been part of her DNA. Her passion for life shines from behind the dj decks. It is now her mission to care it with you. 

The beats! The vibes! She gives you permission to shake everything you have! Say YES to magnetic, hip swaying music that sparks instant happiness! 

Surf along the carefully curated setlist tat mixes genres, tempos and vibes. AfroBeats are her absolute favourite rhythms but she does not limit herself to any genre. 

Her smile will meet yours. Don't be shy!"

Line is available for dj gigs in the conscious and ecstatic dance scene! 

For bookings email

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