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workshop 'Dance/Art'

With a background in architecture, urban design, and musical theater, Line loves to includes other creative processes on the dance floor - writing, singing, painting, drawing, land art,...  
To create together is the most powerful way to bound with others, whether it is dancing, singing, acting, painting together... 
Dancing freely allows us to create an invisible drawing, to mark our territory in a delicate and very authentic way, and to explore what lives within that seeks expression.  
Drawing from the breath, body, and maybe the mind gives us other sources of inspiration to explore. 


Writing, while not giving in to our inner critic, leads to surprising, often eye-opening results.  

At least once a year we head over to the Belgian coast to make large sand mandalas or sandscapes.

workshop 'Art in Motion'

Discover new gateways into the nirvana of creativity. 

Less talking, more doing. How do you use your body in motion towards exploring creativity? Dance, draw, experiment,... in a playful way you get to unlock your inner creative strength. 

The 'Art in Motion' workshops follow the Open Floor Movement curriculum and guidelines. By exploring the core movement resources of Open Floor we relate to ourselves in different ways which will influence our creative expressions. We will draw, sing, write, paint,... 
This 1-day workshop is a playground for your mind and body. 


Some prior experience in conscious dance or embodiment is preferred for this workshop.

workshop 'Tekenen is Bewegen'

Together with bestie Inge Goossens (art graduate and interior designer) Line has been hosting art & movement sessions to art students.

The focus lies on exploring the unknown with movement while holding on to drawing techniques, and a presentable result. While the creative process is more important than the result, in an academic setting we try to implement both. 

While in motion, we create. Lines on paper are visual traces of past movements. Side pass you ‘inner critic’, just move, and be inspired  by your own free movements and creations. We are not here to entertain an audience, yet to prevent 'writer's block' and search for artistic inspiration in a surprising way. 


An introduction to Open Floor, open to everyone

Moving mindfully, we explore the Core Movement Principles of the Open Floor Movement. 

How do you find stability on the dance floor, both physically and emotionally? How do you release stress, connect with others and inner yourself on the dance floor, increase vitality, and dance with fuller expression? 

Open Floor is a dance meditation practice that offers magical tools, indispensable for living a more embodied life, on and off the dance floor. Come explore!


During this 1-day workshop we explore the Core Movement Principles 

of the Open Floor Movement Practice. 

bare bones


Line lives to travel. In the near future she plans on leading a few retreats in both Europe and the US. 

You'll be invited to make snow mandalas, create sand sculptures on the beach, dance in the woods, play in the water, ... Depending on the kind of retreat, we'll find ourselves in a different setting and different experience. 
Line will guide you through meditation, yoga, dance, creating... She combines the best of what she has learnt during her personal search into a more embodied existence. All of this being surrounded by nature. 

More info and dates coming up when the time is right! 

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